A young Indonesian man marries a woman three times his age

Sometimes love knocks on the door. But in the case of Sofian Loho Dandel, it arrived by telephone. Specifically, his mobile phone rang one day when a woman mistakenly called it. She'd intended to reach someone else, but instead of hanging up immediately, they started to talk. They ended up in a lovely hour-long conversation. 

Sofian was so taken with this anonymous woman's manners and voice that he asked if they could meet. He'd never even gone on a date before so he was terribly nervous. He knew nothing about her, except that he was smitten with her phone presence.

They made an appointment and when at last the time came, Sofian got a huge shock: the object of his fascination was 82 years old!

Sofian couldn't believe what he was seeing — it wasn’t what he had imagined at all. But he decided to follow through and get to know her anyway. 

Martha Potu told him about her lonely life: her husband had died 10 years ago and her children all worked abroad. Moved by her story, Sofian started a relationship with her.

At first, his family were baffled and disapproved of his involvement with someone almost three times his age! But eventually the couple's perseverance persuaded them and they were married in February of this year.

People like these two just go to show that everyone really is an individual, each with a unique life story. Affection and devotion don't have age limits — and without those limits, Sofian and Martha are enjoying an extraordinary connection.

Love moves in mysterious ways!




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