Mother gives birth to identical quadruplets

Bethani and Tim Webb from Alberta, Canada, got engaged in the autumn of 2015. Their plan was beautifully simple: they wanted to start a family and live a happy life together.

To their surprise, this dream came true much faster than expected. By the end of 2015 Bethani was pregnant and the couple waited excitedly for the first ultrasound appointment. All they really wanted to hear was that the pregnancy was going well and their baby was healthy, but the doctor had some shocking news for them.

Bethani and Tim were going to become the parents of not one, not two, not three...but four girls! Needless to say that the young couple were a bit stunned by this twist of fate, but they quickly came to terms with it and began preparing for the new arrivals. The time leading up to the birth was filled with very mixed emotions — Bethani and Tim were, of course, overjoyed and excited but they were also quite worried and rightfully so. Every pregnancy has its risks, but those risks increase drastically when there is more than one child in the womb.

When the contractions began it soon became clear that a C-section would be necessary. Fortunately the operation went smoothly and Bethani gave birth to four identical little girls: Abigail, Grace, Emily, and Mckayla. The sisters weighed only about two pounds each at birth and spent the first few weeks of their lives in incubators.

But soon the girls were on their way home. At first Bethani and Tim found it difficult to tell their daughters apart, so they came up with a clever solution: they painted the girls' fingernails different colors! The four sisters sleep together in one big crib and Bethani has already noticed that they miss each other when they are separated even for a few minutes. Today the girls are doing well and looking forward to celebrating their first Christmas at home.

The probability of having identical quadruplets is 1 in 15 million but somehow Bethani and Tim beat the odds. They may have been a bit overwhelmed at first, but they are adjusting to life as a family of six and wouldn't have it any other way. All the best to them and their very special children!



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