Brutal: Man gets dog back from vacation care severely mistreated

WARNING: This article contains images that some people may find upsetting.

When we go on a trip, we often can't take our beloved pets with us. They must spend a few days or weeks in the loving hands of responsible people until we return.

However, what happened to the small pug belonging to Jackson Millan from Sydney, Australia, is the stuff of nightmares.

Jackson had looked for a service that was prepared to look after his pug, Otis, and his Boxer, Dobby, for six weeks, while he was on a trip in Brazil. Through the pet care agency "Mad Paws," he found someone that seemed completely trustworthy and competent. After meeting up with him at a dog park and visiting his house, he was sure that the animals would be fine in the man's care. He arranged a price for the service and brought both dogs round.

During his trip, Jackson repeatedly asked the man to send him pictures of the dogs, so that he could see how they were doing. Only after several requests, did he finally send him a picture. In it, Otis was in his dog harness and looked as if he had already been wearing it for a long time. Jackson became seriously worried.

When he returned, his worst fears became a horrible reality.

Otis was severely injured — he had often had to wear the dog harness for weeks at a time and the straps had deeply cut into the flesh on his chest.

Facebook/Jackson Millan

A vet found a six-inch long wound, already inflamed, that gave off an overpowering smell of decay.

Facebook/Jackson Millan

Horrified, Jackson was shaken to the core. He reported the terrible "carer" to the police, "Mad Paws", and the Royal Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Australia. Now he is collecting donations online, because he wants to engage a capable lawyer in order to sue the man.

Otis is not yet out of danger — the infection has affected him severely and he needs intensive care around the clock.

What terrible torture this poor dog had to go through. Hopefully, Jackson will be successful, with all legal means, in bringing the the unscrupulous carer to justice, so that he can never again be responsible for another living creature.




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