A beautiful friendship forms between this lion and her foster family

In Botswana, a lion is let out of the gate (see video below) and as the tension fizzles in the desert air, what lies behind this story is both thrilling and simply amazing.

German Valentin Gruener discovered his love for cats as a child. When he was a boy, he began caring for injured and distressed animals at home.

But wanderlust slumbered in him. First he travelled to Canada to work in the oil fields. But his passion for all things feline drew him to a different place. Valentin left for Africa to work with cats — albeit those of the larger variety. 

There he also met Mikkel Legarth, a young man from Denmark with the same passion for Africa's animal kingdom. Some time later they founded the “Modisa Wildlife Project” together in Botswana, a station for rescuing Africa's wildlife and animal world.

Some time later, his life came to a fateful encounter. In the vicinity of their station, they witnessed a pack of lions killing two of their young while abandoning a third to starvation. They rushed to help the baby immediately.

They took in the baby lion and raised her together. Her name: Sirga. But from the beginning it was clear that Sirga would eventually have to return to the wild to avoid growing up like other imprisoned animals.

Valentin and Mikkel are the only people allowed to have contact with her. Thus Sirga is not completely adapted to humans, which would critically endanger her return to the wild.

She learns about the great outdoors, hunts antelope, and does what lions simply do.

Sirga is unbelievably fortunate that she met Valentin and Mikkel. They didn't just save her life, they made sure her later life would be a harmonious one within the African animal world.

This beautiful video shows the depth of her friendship and gratitude to her foster family. It will make your day.

Two men have realized their dream and made the world a better place. This is so beautiful, that I'm sure you'll gladly share it.


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