Magical: Baby born with snow-white hair

Many babies are born with fine, blonde hair which slowly turns darker once they become older.

But when Devina Smith was delivered at a hospital in Amory, Mississippi, the pediatric nurses couldn't take their eyes off the newborn's head. That's because Devina's hair was as smooth as silk and snow-white in color.

The doctors explained to mom Jessica that Devina's light skin and white hair were due to her being partially albino. Only around five in 100,000 newborns have this condition.

Unlike people with full albinism who often suffer from poor eyesight and many other chronic illnesses, partial albinos are rarely born with underlying health problems. Fortunately, this was also the case with Devina, whose name means "heavenly."

Jessica was spellbound by the new arrival's beautiful snow-white hair; her other nine-year-old daughter also couldn't stop staring at her little sister.

What a wonderful head of hair. She'll certainly be a ray of sunshine for her family!




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