After losing two children in earthquake, mother risks all for another

February of 2016 brought a nightmare of an earthquake to Taiwan, killing 115 people with over 100 left injured. The quake had a magnitude 6.4 and toppled buildings across the southern part of the country.  

One tragically affected couple recently experienced something of an inspiring rebirth though.

That fatal night, rescue workers carried the body of their ten-year-old son out of the rubble just hours after the quake hit. Their 15-year-old son was dug out only five days later. The bitter sorrow of losing both of their children, on top of the terror of having been buried alive themselves, made life almost unbearable for the couple.


Shu-yi, the mother, found herself profoundly heartbroken, sharing pictures of her sons and her memories of them on Facebook. “Without you two, there’s no happiness and laughter anymore…” she shared. “I don’t want to celebrate holidays anymore, because I have no reason to be happy…”

(Looking at her Facebook page will break your heart, be careful.) You can tell how terribly she felt. Then she and her husband had an idea. 

“I often dreamed of my son at night. In my dreams, he became a newborn baby and I carried him in my arms. But sometimes I was also dreaming that he screamed and kept asking for help.”

The regret and longing was transforming into the desire to have another baby. 


Their friends and family tried to dissuade them, because Shu-yi had had her "tubes tied" nine years previously. But artificial insemination was still a possibility and they decided to try it.

At last in June she got pregnant. It wasn’t an easy blessing: the doctor told her during a routine check that the placental lining had separated from the uterine wall (abruptio placentae) leading to a lower chance of the baby surviving and even posing a risk to Shu-yi’s life. She broke down when the doctor gave her the news. “I’ve lost two sons this year, no mother can bear losing a third. I would pay any price for this baby to survive.” 

Then, in December, she was rushed to the hospital with bleeding. Shu-yi had toxemia and kidney failure, but after two days of dialysis and other treatment, she survived. Doctors performed an emergency C-section and brought a healthy baby girl into the world. Her husband couldn’t hold back his tears, writing to his deceased sons on Facebook, “Your sister came safely.”

This little girl will surely be blessed for all time by her brothers — what a special gift she is. For Shu-yi and her husband, their new baby means not only a new life and new joy, but in a way the recovery of their lost children, of parenthood and family.


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