Puppy whose tail was hacked off gets rescued

In April of this year someone was very surprised to find a beautiful Golden Retriever puppy on a Singapore roadside. But when they picked her up, they saw something terrible. The poor dog was in an awful state, suffering the most horrific injuries — her tail had been completely chopped off!

They immediately took her to the Barkway Pet Health veterinary clinic where they were shocked to see what had been done to the dog. They called her Shorty — an endearing name for a helpless creature who had most likely been brutally abused. Maggots had made their way inside the wound where her tail had been chopped off. After treating her the best they could, she was discharged and entrusted to the care of an animal shelter where she will be put up for adoption.


Dog trainer Sam Chan decided to publish photos of the cute dog across social networks and they've already been shared more than 3,600 times. "I don't know who would do this, the perverts. Please share and let the world help find this asshole," he said. Sam was convinced that the wound was "too clean" to be accidental, most likely making it a deliberate case of animal abuse.

The animal shelter, Mutts and Mittens, published a video recently of Shorty looking healthy and in high spirits while drinking milk out of a bowl. Shorty's recovery is well underway and she will soon be fit to move in with a family that can give her all the warmth and attention she deserves. Meanwhile, Singapore's Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority is investigating the incident, which clearly seems to be an unfortunate case of abuse.

Violence towards any living being is cruel and incomprehensible and we must fight to prevent such things from happening. Shorty was lucky and was rescued by people who took care of her and who are helping her find a family that wants her. Thank goodness there is still kindness and selflessness in this world, because without compassion who knows what might have happened to Shorty.


Hopefully this cute little critter soon finds a new home!


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