Here's how a 21-year-old smuggled her grandma's dog into the hospital

When Shelby Hennick's grandma was brought to the hospital following an allergic reaction to some medication, the elderly woman could only think of one thing that would make her feel better: her much-loved dog Patsy, who she now badly missed. But with pets banned at the hospital, it was left to her granddaughter to come up with a cunning plan. The 21-year-old from California first wrapped the pooch in a blanket and held Patsy close to her stomach; it now looked like she was pregnant when she walked past the reception staff. And it worked too!

The surprise and pure joy on her grandma's face made it all worth it. It wasn't just grandma who was happy about the reunion either: "Patsy was quiet the whole time and actually kept licking my arm," said Shelby. "She kept crying and couldn't get close enough to my grandma," she added.

Hopefully that visit from her furry friend Patsy will help Shelby's grandma to a speedy recovery!




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