Dying woman's tender farewell from her horse has everyone in tears

A moving scene played out in front of the Wigan Royal Hospital in Wigan, England: nurses pushed 77-year-old Sheila Marsh's bed outside the hospital in order to fulfill her last wish. The retiree lay on her deathbed following a prolonged illness and wanted to say goodbye to a cherished friend.

Twitter/Andrew Foster

The four-legged visitor is called Bronwen; she was her beloved horse whom Shiela had cared for for 25 years. Sheila especially wanted to see her one last time. Her daughter Tina (33) organized the meeting together with the hospital staff. “She loved her horses and she loved and adored all animals. She had six horses, three dogs, three cats and other animals,” Tina said.

Because the horse wasn't allowed in the hospital, the goodbye had to take place in front of the building. Bronwen was led carefully to Sheila's bed, where she nuzzled her friend's face tenderly and gave her a farewell kiss. Everyone present—even the nurses—were moved to tears when they witnessed this loving moment.

The hospital's Deputy Director of Nursing, Pauline Law, said, “This was obviously extremely important to her and her family. We feel privileged to have been able to provide this support at this crucial stage of her care."

Shortly after seeing her horse one last time, Sheila passed away peacefully. One really has to give a tip of the hat to the nurses and staff at Wigan Royal Hospital for going the extra mile to grant Sheila's last wish.


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