She thought she was rescuing a dog, but it turns out otherwise

Sharon Bertozzi from the US could barely believe her eyes when she woke up one morning and found a curled up ball of fur nestled behind the flowerpots on her deck.

As she got closer, she heard a soft whimper and saw that the ball of fur was in fact a emaciated dog. Since Sharon didn't have a leash and wasn't sure whether the dog had any diseases, she called the local shelter. By the time the shelter employees arrived 15 minutes later, the animal had crawled underneath the deck. They carefully approached it and when they finally got sight of the "dog," they were completely surprised.

It turns out that the animal Sharon thought was a dog was actually a wild coyote. It was tired and hungry and was seeking shelter under the deck. No one could say how long it had been under there, but by the looks of things, it'd been living there for a while.

Sharon remembers how she felt the moment she saw the coyote, "I felt sympathy for the sad creature. At first I thought it was an abandoned dog that had just come to my yard to die."

The coyote had bad scratches, was clearly starving, and was so disoriented that she wandered into a crowded neighborhood. Coyotes typically avoid humans out of fear, but this one was too weak to fight or run away. The animal rescue team cleaned Princess (as they now call her) up, tended to her wounds, and gave her plenty of food.

She remained in the shelter for several weeks until she was in good enough shape to be released into a nearby nature preserve with two other coyotes who had also been receiving treatment.

The animal rescuers were pleased to witness Princess and her other coyote companions settle into their new home. They've had several sightings of the three animals looking healthy, happy, and free.

Thankfully, things went well for Princess and for Sharon who discovered her, but the Gold Country Wildlife Rescue warn that humans are continuously encroaching on wildlife habitat. If this continues, there will definitely be more cases like Princess'. One thing is for sure, though, Sharon will never forget the day she woke up to a coyote resting on her deck.


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