After dramatic childbirth, overweight mother becomes dieting paragon

When 24-year-old Brit Shannon Roan became pregnant, she was overjoyed. Although she was overweight — a risk factor for both mother and baby — she wanted a child.

Then in a routine swab, her doctor found streptococcus bacteria in her vagina. Many women carry these and it's usually not a problem, but for Shannon it meant bleeding and going into labor at 29 weeks. Amazingly, her medical team was able to prevent a miscarriage. 

But when the time did come, Shannon was suffering circulatory collapse, as a result of which her health drastically deteriorated. When the doctor performing an ultrasound couldn't hear a heartbeat from her uterus anymore, the conclusion was heartbreaking: her baby must have died from shock.

Now they simply concentrated on saving the mother, who went into a coma and was put on artificial respiration.

They had to remove the dead fetus from her belly though, and there wasn't any alternative to an emergency Caesarian section. Her family braced themselves to lose Shannon as well. But to the medical team's enormous surprise, they discovered a living infant! A few days later, Shannon came out of the coma and was overjoyed when they handed her a healthy baby boy. 

All the same, once she recovered from her medical scare and got home with her beautiful little George, it was clear that she needed to change her lifestyle.

Her son became her inspiration. After all, he held on after doctors had given up on him and even after his mother's health collapsed. She worked hard, strengthened her will, and managed to lose pound after pound. She was getting fit again. In fact, fitter than ever before.

When you see the before-and-after pictures of this lovely young mother, it'll be hard to believe you're looking at the same person.

But there's the same warm smile, leaving no doubt that it's her: she did it. Now she feels (and looks) great.

In total she lost about 100 lbs and reported on her successes on Facebook and Instagram. Her fans have provided her with tons of encouragement and compliments on her achievement — rightly so!

Shannon traded one passion, eating, with another healthier one: being a mother. Today nothing makes her happier than spending time with her son. It's hard to believe how much these two have been through when you see them now, beaming with love!


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