Young woman misses flight to help fellow passenger in distress

As fun as traveling can be, none of us enjoys the seemingly endless lines that we have to wait in at the airport. First there's the check-in, then security, then the boarding gate — it seems like we spend most of our time at the airport in a queue.

This is exactly what Shaina Murry was going through in the winter of 2016 when she wanted to board a flight in Dallas. That's why it's even more surprising that she actually chose to miss her flight and wait even longer. The reason why is inspiring...


Shaina was in the waiting area near the gate playing with her cell phone when she suddenly noticed a man who was obviously not feeling well. He was lying on the floor and appeared very distraught. Other people were simply ignoring him, but Shaina could see that he needed help, so she put her cell phone away and went over to him.

"It was clear something was wrong, I just didn't know what. It seemed best after asking him a few questions to call for medical assistance," remembers Shaina.

Shaina began talking to the man calmly. He repeated over and over again that he couldn't miss his flight. During their chat, Shaina found out that the man's name is Will and that he is autistic. When she heard this, Shaina knew exactly what she had to do.

AFD Medic 9 Ford E-450 Ambulance

She continued speaking calmly and asked him if there was someone she could call. Will gave Shaina his mother's telephone number and she called her immediately. She explained to Will's mother that her son wasn't doing well and asked where he was flying. At this point paramedics arrived and quickly saw that Will was not fit to fly.

He hadn't eaten or had anything to drink for a long time and desperately needed some nourishment. Shaina assured them that she would take care of him.

Shaina offered to take Will for something to eat and then on to his gate where he could take a later flight. The airline staff were so impressed with Shaina's willingness to help that they booked her on a later flight free of charge. Will and Shaina had a meal together and it was clear that Will was feeling much better. It was a great chance for them to get to know each other.

Shaina has been lauded for her kindness and rightly so, but for her it was simply the right thing to do. When they were finished their meal, Shaina brought Will to his gate and the two parted as friends. She was so happy to know that Will was safely on his way home that she had no time to worry about missing her own flight. What's a bit more waiting when you can help a fellow human being in need?

It's great to know that there are people like Shaina out there who are willing to put their own needs on hold and help others. Will and his mother are also very grateful. Thanks for making the world a better place, Shaina!


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