Stray dog rescued from streets and cured of painful skin condition

The streets of Mobark Abade Koochesfehan in Iran are filled with stray dogs, most of them living out a miserable existence before dying of hunger or disease.

But one resident of the city, Hosein Mohammadi, found himself unable to keep turning a blind eye to their plight, so he decided to start an animal rescue organization which he called Sezar Sanctuary. Hosein and his team have made it their mission to take care of the animals that no one else in their city seems to want.


When Hosein received a call about a half-starved, badly diseased dog, he rushed to her aid. Yet despite his experience in dealing with suffering animals, he was completely taken aback by what he saw. The dog's skin was so badly infected that even the slightest touch left her yelping in pain. Hosein did his best to be gentle as he carried the suffering animal to his truck.

Youtube/Sezar Sanctuary

Considering the condition this poor animal was in, it's wonderful to watch her recovery at the Sanctuary. First her skin healed, then she learned to trust humans again, and finally she blossomed into a healthy, happy animal and was ready to find a new home where she could share her newfound love of life.

It was all captured here in this moving video...

When she looks at her rescuer, her eyes say it all: "Thank you for saving my life, Hosein."

And thanks to Hosein and his team, this dog won't be the last to be saved from a harsh life on the streets.


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