Mom mistakes cup for dildo in dishwasher

Unloading the dishwasher is hardly the most exciting of tasks. We stack the plates, put the cutlery away, and wipe away any water marks from the glasses — all quite monotonous really. But imagine if you came across a strange object that didn't belong among your pots and pans. Well, this mother thought she had found her daughter's dildo! Furious, the woman wrapped the dildo in a towel and demanded an explanation from her daughter. She was soon to find it was a case of mistaken identity...

Awkward from funny

The object in question wasn't a dildo; it was instead a cup that had melted during the cycle. You can only imagine the poor woman's face when her daughter told her she was holding an innocent cup. The daughter said that her mom was red with embarrassment for the rest of the day. Hardly a surprise!




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