Important video: Mourning mother warns about blood poisoning

Melissa Mead was worried about her little son William. The one-year-old had a terrible cough. When she took him to the doctor, she was told it wasn't serious. But William's cough continued to get worse and worse. Melissa took him back to the doctor and was told again that the cough was harmless, but this story had a tragic end. Now Melissa has a heartbreaking message to everyone who sees this video. She hopes that she can help prevent outcomes such as her son's from happening to other families:

William contracted blood poisoning—also called Sepsis—from an abscess in his lung, from which he eventually died.

To lose a child is the worst thing that can happen to a parent. But how terrible must it be when the child's death could have easily been prevented? One can hardly imagine. 

The poor woman, the poor family! The only potential positive here is that through Melissa's sharing of her story, hopefully she will spare others from the same pain that she is suffering.



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