The 15 most terrifying places on the planet

When planning your next vacation, you'll probably look for places with a beach, maybe some mountains or incredible views. But in the end, isn't it just the same old thing every time? How about turning your next trip into a creepy adventure? Here we show you 15 of the most terrifying places on the planet. Be careful, do not go alone... and it might be a good idea to bring an extra pair of underwear ;)

1. The Island of Dolls, Mexico.

If you're afraid of dolls, this is definitely the place of your worst nightmares. It all started in the 1950's, when the owner of the island found the body of a girl who had died there. From that moment on, the man began to experience all kinds of weird and strange events. In a desperate attempt to stop this, he hung dolls all over the island to drive away the girl's spirit.

2. Old Jewish Cemetery, Prague, Czech Republic.

In this sinister cemetery, where funerals were held between 1439 and 1787, about 100,000 people are buried. But it only has 12,000 headstones. That's because the dead are buried on top of each other! Over time, the earth sinks more and more and reveals more old gravestones. What remains is a creepy landscape.

3. Hashima Island, Japan.

This island was inhabited mainly by miners and their families. But when the mine closed, the inhabitants left the island. Hashima has been completely abandoned since 1974, making it the perfect setting for post-apocalyptic films.

 4. Chapel of Bones, Portugal.

This sinister place dates from the sixteenth century. It is estimated that about 5,000 skeletons were needed to decorate it. Two stuffed corpses hang from their walls with chains, one belonging to a child. At the entrance you can read: "We, the bones that are here, we wait for you."

5.  Aokigahara (Suicide Forest), Japan.

Known as the "Sea of trees," Aokigahara is a forest that is said to be cursed, according to Japanese mythology. Thousands of people have come here to kill themselves. In fact, it is the second most famous place in the world in terms of suicide. That is why the forest is surrounded by numerous signs that encourage the suicidal to seek help and think about their family.

6. Abandoned psychiatric hospital, Parma, Italy.

This abandoned psychiatric hospital seems even more terrifying thanks to the work of the Brazilian artist Herbert Baglioni who has filled the building with dark and gloomy shadows.

7. Catacombs of Paris, France.

This underground cemetery with its tunnels and caverns houses more than 6 million human skeletons, making it the largest cemetery of its kind in Europe.

8. Centralia, Pennsylvania, USA.

This ghost town was completely depopulated by a fire in the subsoil propagated by coal: a fire that could not be extinguished. The underground mine continues to burn today. The city is so scary that it inspired the video game and horror film "Silent Hill."

9. Akodessewa market, Togo.

This market supplies voodoo paraphernilia to all the inhabitants of Togo and its surroundings. There you can find anything, each item more spooky than the last. The stalls are filled with skulls and the heads of exotic animals.

10. Hill of Crosses, Lithuania.

Believe it or not, this site is not a cemetery. It is simply a hill where people have been placing crosses over the years: there are about 50,000 crosses in total. It is said that putting yours on this hill will bring you luck, but no one knows what the first cross was or why. It is a mystery.

11. The Kabayan Mummies, Philippines.

Popular legends say that the souls of these mummies, dating back to 2,000 BC, walk through the caves. Ghosts or no ghosts, these skeletons — some in the fetal position — are terrifying.

12. Chauchilla Cemetery, Peru.

This necropolis is full of mummies that are astonishingly well-preserved. In some cases, even skin remains. But the most chilling thing is the position of the bodies: squatting, with a kind of "smile" on their faces…

13. Unfinished Cincinnati Subway, USA.

Its construction began in 1884 but after the First World War, the project was abandoned. Most would agree that these passageways are the ideal place for a good horror film... No one knows what's hidden in there.

14. St. George’s Church, Czech Republic.

If churches give you a bad feeling, you'd best stay well away from this one. Also known as "Church of the Nine Ghosts," the strange figures that decorate it are the work of the artist Jakob Hadrava. He did this to prevent the church from being abandoned, since the locals believe that it is cursed.

15. Hanging Coffins of Sagada, Philippines.

This ancestral rite makes the hair stand on end: the tribe of Igorrotes place the deceased in the fetal position and hang or nail the coffins to the cliffs. This is due to the belief that the higher the body, the closer it will be to the sky. Let's hope they used some pretty big nails!

Creepy, right? Do you think you could go to any of these places alone?




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