Woman live-streams giving birth ...in the woods, without a doctor

Warning: The following video contains images that some may find disturbing and is not intended for viewers who are under the age of 18.

More and more pregnant women are beginning to ask themselves where they should deliver their babies. Not everyone wants to give birth in a hospital. The number of home births, for instance, has been rising noticeably.

33-year-old German doctor Sarah Schmid has already had four children without any external help and she's convinced that every woman can handle "the most natural thing in the world" on their own. For the birth of her fifth child, she had already looked for a suitable place in the woods behind her house, where they now live in Alsace, France. She was well-prepared, as much as you can be. Then, to encourage other women and families, she filmed the whole birth and put it online. The recording has truly fascinating moments. (It's not everyone's cup of tea, though: viewer discretion advised.)

Here's the complete video:

What a captivating recording! Mother and son are both doing well. Dad and the older siblings are all so proud of Mom.

Sarah herself continues to make the case for talking more openly about taboo subjects and for a return to natural procedures. She's written a book about giving birth on your own, and hopes her video will lend other people the courage to listen to their bodies and try out natural childbirth. She emphasizes, however, that as a doctor she's able to assess the risk involved and if anyone has any doubts they should immediately go to the hospital. Of course she also believes medical care is important. But if the birth is uncomplicated, she sees no reason why you shouldn't bring children into the world in a natural setting!


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