Plus-size woman overcomes bullying trauma with self-confident photos

Bullying is a form of emotional abuse that can leave lasting scars and sometimes victims spend their entire lives dealing with the psychological effects of this horrible treatment.

When New Yorker Sarah Sapora was just 13 years old, she went to summer camp for the first time. One day, when all of the campers put on their bathing suits to go for a swim, some other kids started teasing her about her full figure. Sarah was deeply shaken by the experience and vowed never to expose herself to that kind of ridicule ever again.

She began to hate her body and refused to wear bathing suits. She carried these feelings of shame and sadness with her into adulthood.

But at the age of 38, Sarah's views changed — she'd had enough of the torture.

"We get one turn around this dance floor, folks. There comes a time in your life when you realize it's time to play the music YOU like, and dance like nobody's watching," said Sarah. She decided not to hide her body anymore and started doing the things she enjoyed, which included putting on a bikini and going to the beach. She also started her own blog and writes about her experiences dealing with her fear and insecurity about her body and how she has dealt with so much negativity from so many people.

As the ultimate therapeutic step, she confronted her greatest fear head on by letting herself be photographed in her bikini and putting the pics online.

The response was overwhelming: her unedited photos were shared thousands of times and untold numbers of strangers showered her with praise for her courage.

Well done, Sarah! No matter what those ignorant bullies say, you look great!




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