Ghastly surprise! Three hundred year old mummy suddenly opens its eyes

In Guadalajara, Mexico's second biggest city situated just west of the country's center, a magnificent cathedral stands imposingly above the busy streets.

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Stepping inside and walking down its glitteringly decorated corridors, one comes across a glass coffin surrounded by candles and flowers.

Therein lies something both macabre and fascinating: the dead remains of a young girl. 

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Santa Inocencia, as the child saint is called, died over 300 years ago. Legend says she was stabbed by her father after receiving her first communion — something he had expressly forbidden. The nuns took her body into the cathedral and, as was sometimes customary at the time, had it preserved with wax to prevent decomposition.

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Since then her body has lain at rest under a statue of the Virgin Mary, her white dress decorated with pearls and a crown of silk flowers on her head — a picture that numerous tourists and pilgrims from around the world flock in to see.

For one tourist, a visit to the cathedral turned into an experience even more creepy than just viewing the body of a dead child.

With a handheld camera, the man pans over the girl's doll-like face, hesitating briefly by her contorted hands. Returning to Inocencia's face, her eyes slowly open and stare directly at the camera.

Youtube/Evidencias OXLACK

Only moments later, her eyes are closed again, as if nothing had happened.

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Countless people have already watched the video on Youtube and opinion is starkly divided. Some claim the film is evidence of the supernatural.

Youtube/obscura habitacion

Others point to the poor, blurry quality of the video and the noticeable wobble shortly before Inocencia opens her eyes, and believe it's simply a clever hoax. 

Those brave enough to view the video can see for themselves and form their own opinion: 

Whatever the true story behind this video is, it certainly does send chills down the spine!


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