Stomach turning: egg-size cyst removed from arm

When patients come to see dermatologist Sandra Lee from California, they usually aren't dealing with an everyday pimple or blemish. One example was this patient who had a massive boil on his upper arm. One look and the doctor was able to make a quick diagnosis: an epidermoid cyst, which is a benign lump that forms on the ectodermal tissue.

Youtube/Dr. Sandra Lee

The only way to remove this type of cyst is an operation. After administering a local anesthetic, Dr. Lee cuts into the doorknob-sized boil with a scalpel. When the opening is wide enough, she starts with the removal.

Youtube/Dr. Sandra Lee

Bit by bit Sandra squeezes out the white substance which looks disturbingly similar to cottage cheese. Most people would think that this is a massive clump of puss, but it is actually made up of many skin cells that are stuck together.

Youtube/Dr. Sandra Lee

Dr. Lee deals with this kind of thing every day and it doesn't cost her a thought, but for most other people this is quite a stomach-churning scene. Once all of the cyst is removed, the skin is sewn back together. It will leave a scar, but considering the meatball-sized lump that was taken out, it's actually a small price to pay.

Youtube/Dr. Sandra Lee

Anyone who's feeling brave enough can watch this uncut video of the 20-minute operation:

Disgusting but fascinating at the same time!




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