Boy from world-famous internet meme saves his dad

In 2007 the Griner family was enjoying a beautiful day at the beach when suddenly Layner Griner saw her 11-month-old Sam doing something unusual: he was eating sand. The face he made afterwards was so funny that she decided to take a picture. When she uploaded it to Flickr, she had no idea that her son would soon be famous.

The photo of Sam began to circulate like crazy on the Internet, used in one meme after another. From then on, Sam became the "Success Kid." When something goes great, what better way to illustrate how you're feeling than with a picture of Sam doing his "nailed it" pose?

The Griner family never expected the sudden fame and always remained in the background. However, eight years after that day on the beach, Sam's father, Justin Griner, was in trouble: he needed a kidney transplant. But the operation was very expensive and the family wasn't sure they could afford it. That's when it occurred to them that Sam's fame might be of help.

Sam's 39-year-old father started a GoFundMe campaign to pay for the operation and leveraged Sam's fame to bring attention to it. They needed $75,000, but within a few days something astonishing happened: their campaign raised more than $100,000!

In August of 2015, Justin Griner was finally able to receive his kidney transplant and is now doing very well. Sam is very happy to have been able to help his father, thanks to his fame on the Internet, although he has no desire to be famous again.

Who would have thought that an Internet meme could give someone a second chance at life?


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