Parents who have more fun on the roller coaster than their kids

Ryan Dunlap of Tennessee took his one-year-old daughter to Disneyland. There he and the family went on a baby-appropriate ride and someone took this incredible snapshot. What is it they say about pictures? That sometimes they're worth 1,000 words? Well Ryan found this one so hilarious that he posted it online:

"I enjoyed my daughter's first Disney ride more than she did!" wrote Ryan under the photo. The look on his daughter's face is really priceless.

"It was all age appropriate with one mild drop where they took the photo. She opens her eye wide when it's dark too," he commented later.

Inspired by this post a number of other parents dug up hilarious roller-coaster shots of their little ones and added them to the thread as well. This one is unforgettable, as the mother wrote: "My kids are in the front. They still laugh every time they see this picture!!"

These blond tresses were literally standing on end:

Another parent shared that "we went on the same ride in July. Our five year old twins loved it. Our oldest son, who was nine at the time, didn't have quite the same reaction as the rest of the boat."

It's hard to tell here which kid has the funniest grimace. Dad, on the other hand — cool as a cucumber!

This father also looks more enthusiastic than his daughter, who may need a change of clothes afterwards...

"My nephew on space mountain," crowed one amused aunt. "He said he wasn't scared at all. Not even a little, then I downloaded our photos..." 

This picture has definitely earned a spot on the mantelpiece.

Here's to the shutter release on the roller coaster camera! Without it, we'd never get the chance to see these pictures and the absolutely hilarious looks on these faces.




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