Strange sight: Baby's feet sticking out of uterus

A 33-year-old from France was expecting her sixth child and went to the doctor for a routine ultrasound checkup. But the visit ended up being anything but routine when the doctor noticed something very unusual — the woman's uterus was ruptured and the baby's feet were sticking out of it!

The doctors had never seen anything like it before, and for good reason — to date there have been only 26 recorded cases of a ruptured uterus. In this case the woman had undergone five C-sections to deliver her other children and these operations had obviously weakened her uterus. The sixth pregnancy had been one too many and in its weakened condition, her uterus simply couldn't hold the fetus.

Yet despite the warnings from doctors about complications such as severe bleeding or premature birth, the woman decided to carry her child to term. She knew she was taking a huge risk, but in the 30th week of pregnancy she gave birth to a perfectly healthy, if premature, baby boy. The sixth birth was also a C-section and doctors were able to repair the woman's uterus after the delivery.

Six months later, mother and child are both doing well. The little boy is growing fast and in a few years he'll be able to appreciate one very special baby photo in the family album — an ultrasound picture with his feet sticking out of the womb!


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