Hunter saves deer with clever trick

Anyone who's seen the Disney classic Bambi would probably associate hunters with something negative. After all, it was huntsmen who chased down Bambi's mother and shot her. Yet hunters play a hugely vital role in wildlife protection throughout the country, and they do a lot more than simply control animal populations. Rupprecht Walch from Nördlingen, Germany, has shown himself to be a model professional in the most wonderful way. Over the last few weeks, Rupprecht and his assistant Dieter Hampel have rescued almost 90 fawns from a horrific fate with a solution that had them looking to the skies.

Every day, Rupprecht and Dieter set out to rescue endangered fawns using a drone. When farmers begin mowing the grassland, the young deer suddenly face grave danger. This is because the tall grass is an ideal hiding place for fawns to rest and sleep.

But the young animals don't yet have the instinct to flee in the first four weeks of their life. This means that they simply stay put when the large mowing machines approach them, resulting in many fawn deaths each year. 

This prompted both men to get up at 4 am every day so that they can survey the fields using their drone. Equipped with an infrared camera, the airborne device can quickly locate the areas where fawns are hiding in the grass. The two men then find the young deer and escort them to safety. 

Rupprecht is happy to do the legwork, but feels let down by the farmers. It's actually their responsibility to ensure no animals are harmed, but this duty has fallen to him. After investing a cool $15,000 in the drone and camera, he hoped that farmers would pitch in and do their part. "The farmers are actually liable for ensuring that no animals are harmed when they're cutting the grass. It'd be nice if they could pay for the drone – we're then happy to fly it," said Rupprecht.

Even without their support, Rupprecht will continue with his work because he doesn't like to see young animals being killed. On the fawns' behalf, we'd like to thank him for his tireless commitment to this worthy cause.


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