Couple who meet at the gym lose a combined 545 lbs

32-year-old Ronnie Brower from Syracuse, New York, weighed a whopping 675 lbs back in 2013. His morbid obesity and his lifestyle caused him to lose his job and he could hardly leave the house. "I was depressed, addicted to pills and alcohol, eating 10 double cheeseburgers or two large pizzas at a time,” said Ronnie. His turning point was his doctor telling him he would be dead before he reached 30 if he carried on like that. 

So Ronnie, together with the help of his personal trainer, Nick Murphy, started a long journey, one that ended up reaping more than just one reward...

In the beginning it was particularly difficult because of the sheer weight Ronnie was carrying. As he wasn't able to leave the house, he started doing exercises with his arms and lifted weights sitting on a chair.

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He also did sit-ups ... with a lot of difficulty. In addition, of course, he changed his diet radically by switching to healthy and light food instead of fast food and soft drinks.

After 75 days of exercise, he could stand up from his chair and sit back down on it repeatedly, helping to strengthen his legs. At this point, his gruelling exercise regime was in full swing, with him lifting weights and hitting the stairs. After 100 days, he had lost 100 lbs and was able to start going to the gym.

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As a big Taylor Swift fan, Ronnie motivated himself by listening to her music, which literally helped him to shed hundreds of pounds. Slowly but surely, his efforts were starting to pay off.

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He even took up boxing, at first with difficulty, but little by little he got better at it. Day after day, for months, he worked hard to change his appearance and improve his health. Ronnie shed a staggering 425 lbs, leaving behind 35 lbs of excess skin.

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He had to undergo plastic surgery to remove the skin but feels proud of his scars. And when anyone asks him how he got them, he just laughs and says it was a shark bite!

His transformation was incredible! From 675 lbs to 250 lbs — what an accomplishment!

In addition to drastically improving his health, he had another reward: meeting Andrea Masella, a girl who also exercised with him at the gym. She was on a journey of her own — weighing 250 lbs and at size 20, she also wanted to lower her weight. And she did! She now weighs 120 lbs and couldn't be happier!

They helped motivate each other and instead of having dates at restaurants, they would meet at the gym. It was love at first sight for them and they recently got married:

Ronnie's message is simple: "If you want it bad enough and put your mind to it, anybody can do it." In this video you can see how their story unfolded:

Between the two, this couple lost a combined 545 lbs of weight. We wish them health and happiness for many more years to come!


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