Russian fisherman shares photos of strange sea creatures

Considering that it is over 30,000 feet deep in some areas, it's not surprising that the deepest parts of the world's oceans have remained relatively unexplored. We know very little about the environment at these depths and even less about the creatures that inhabit them. So it's no wonder that there is usually a lot of excitement when pictures of these creatures appear and reveal just how strange and mysterious life on our planet can be. Roman Redortsov from Russia is a deep sea fisherman and has come across some very unique specimens during his travels on the Barents Sea. Fortunately for us he isn't keeping them all to himself  — he regularly posts pictures of his alien-like catches on Twitter and Flickr. Have a look, but be warned: some of these creatures are pretty grotesque!

It's amazing to think that we share the planet with such weird and wonderful creatures. But considering how scary some of them look, it's probably a good thing that they live down in the depths and far away from us. Fish and chips, anyone? Yeah, but I think I'll stick with cod!


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