Outrageous: Father endangers baby's life for Facebook videos

Roman Afanasyev from Russia is a self-described adrenaline junkie. He has jumped off cliffs, slept in an ant colony, and hung off tall buildings. Videos of his exploits can be found on his Facebook page.  

But when longed-for internet fame failed to materialize, the 31-year-old resorted to extreme methods. For this photo, he held his baby daughter upside-down, holding her only by her little foot, and let her dangle over the gulf between rooftops.

But that was still not enough: For this video, the father sped along the road in his car, holding the little girl with one arm out of the open car window. Incredibly irresponsible, and putting her life in danger!

Fortunately, people who stumbled across the Facebook video thought the same and informed the authorities. The police are now investigating Roman Afanasyev for endangering the life of his two-year-old daughter multiple times. He faces not only losing custody of her, but also a jail sentence. Hopefully it will be a lesson for this man, not to deliberately play games with his daughter's life for the sake of a few Facebook clicks.




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