Mexican claims his 20-inch penis is the longest in the world

If there were actually a prize for the longest penis in the world, right now it would probably go to Jonah Falcon. The official measurements of his male member are 9.5 inches in the flaccid state and 13.5 inches when erect. But it appears that Jonah has some competition. A 54-year-old Mexican claims that his penis is actually more than twice as long as Falcon's! Does he have the goods to prove it, or is it all just a fake?

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Roberto Cabrera claims that his male sex organ underwent rapid growth starting when he was only nine-years-old. By the time he was 16, his penis was 8 inches long, but it didn't stop there. At age 20 it measured in at 12 inches and continued to grow to a whopping 20 inches by the time he was 25. This kind of growth is quite an anomoly and really pretty hard to believe, but Roberto is more than happy to drop his pants and show off his extensive manhood to any doubters.

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When he does expose himself, it's clear that Roberto isn't really that comfortable with complete nudity. He actually keeps his penis bandaged because he finds it more comfortable. He also explains that he receives financial assistance from the state because his massive member makes it impossible for him to work a normal job.

But is this really enough proof that he has the longest penis in the world, or is there something else tucked into those bandages that's helping Roberto to boost his popularity and perhaps fatten up his wallet? Considering that Roberto has to undergo regular medical examinations in order to qualify for his financial assistance, there must be some truth to his claim.

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Roberto's doctor admits that his patient is "unique and unusual." Using computer tomography, he was able to scan Robert's penis without removing the bandages. The results were astounding and answered some questions while raising others.

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The scan clearly showed that his penis is extremely long. But it also showed that it is not as long as Roberto had claimed. The doctor confirmed that it measured "only" about 6.5 to 7 inches in length. The rest of the 20 inches were nothing more than foreskin. Roberto insists that his genitals developed that way naturally, but doctors had other theories that would cast a whole new light not only on his penis, but on Roberto himself.

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Apparently Roberto had admitted to a psychiatrist that as a teenager he had hung weights from his foreskin in order to stretch it. Another psychiatrist examined Roberto's brain activity and discovered changes in the area associated with "exotic and unusual ideas." Did Roberto have an unhealthy obsession with the size of his penis that led him to try to alter its size?

Roberto denies having tried to stretch his foreskin and insists that he has always been very content with his penis even if he can't actually have sex with it. Doctors have tried to advise him to remove the foreskin which would still leave him with an above average penis size, but Roberto refuses. He likes his penis the way it is and feels that it makes him special.

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You can watch the whole story in this video:

It's also interesting to note that Roberto would like to have his manhood in the Guinness Book of World Records, but unfortunately for him these kinds of records aren't included. And that's not all — one of his biggest dreams is to become a porn star and move to the USA. According to Roberto, there are more women there who can deal with men of his "caliber." Good luck, Roberto!




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