Man who was in foster care as child helps 25,000 foster kids today

Rob Scheer and his husband Reece from Maryland are the happy parents of four amazing kids. But when he was younger, Rob would never have believed his life could look like this. As a child he was moved from one foster home to another after being taken from his abusive parents. Unlike many foster kids, Rob managed to turn his life around and has now devoted himself to making sure that other foster kids have a fighting chance.

Check out this incredibly touching video of Rob telling the whole story:

You can find out more about the family's organization on their Facebook page: Comfort Cases.

They started with 300 cases but in the last three years they’ve distributed more than 25,000 bags to foster children in Virginia and Maryland. They're now raising more money for the project with a GoFundMe page.

Sometimes we talk about people giving back, but in Rob’s case it’s not even "back" since his bleak childhood didn’t feature any generous heroes like him. But despite that, and because of it, he's become a hero to so many children — and to his own. Rob's generous desire to protect children from going through what he suffered is simply an inspiration for us all.


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