Scary questions that people are actually Googling

Google is often the last resort people turn to for embarrassing questions that they wouldn't dare to ask their friends. And we'd actually rather not know what led these people to Google them in the first place. Here are 22 questions that surely never needed to be asked.

1. Will I die if I drink Tabasco?


2. Why does my vagina smell like cat food?

3. If I sneeze with my eyes open, will they pop out?

4. Why do my breasts smell like cheese?

more breasts

5. Can you lose a part of your brain by sneezing?


6. I have a knot in my vagina — is it an ingrown penis?

7. Since I've been pregnant, my boobs look like a vampire. What's that all about?

8. Do the brown parts of a banana give you cancer?


9. Can you catch a cold from talking to someone on the phone?

10. Can you die from not peeing for two days?

caught in the act...

11. If I swallow my tongue piercing, will it affect my baby?


12. Can I pee out of my butthole?

13. Does concussion delay your period?


14. Can you get cancer from eating a tumor?

15. Can birth control make your butt hairy?

16. How much pee is there in your sweat?

Sweat or rain?

17. Can you poop out your large intestine?

18. What happens when you get a booger in your eye?

19. Why do my burps taste like pickles even though I haven't eaten any?



20. Why do my hands hurt when I pee?

21. My vagina is burning after using hair removal cream. Will it fall off?

22. What does arsenic poisoning feel like?


Hopefully, all these people got the answers they were looking for. And we hope that they were able to solve their problems, too. It's difficult to say whether we should be grossed out or concerned by these bizarre questions. Either way, we hope these people make a speedy recovery!




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