Stranger shames "parking offender" and gets exposed on Facebook

Parking spaces reserved for the disabled, families, or others in need, are all too often taken by able-bodied people who are simply too lazy to walk the extra few yards through the parking lot. The Harris Teeter parking lot in Concord, North Carolina, also has spaces reserved for veterans, and Rebecca Landis Hayes recently decided to use one while making a quick stop at the supermarket.

When she came back to her car she was surprised to find this note on the windshield:

For Rebecca this note was like a slap in the face. Hurt and insulted, she went straight home, took a picture of the note, and posted it on Facebook with her rebuttal attached:

She felt better after venting her frustrations, but it wasn't the end of the story. Eight days after posting this message, the person who had written the note sent her this letter of apology:

It was a brave admission of guilt for a mistake that happened while she was actually trying to do something good. At least now she'll know to think twice and get all the facts before she does any more "good deeds."

The fact that this stranger actually saw Rebecca's Facebook post is a tremendous coincidence and speaks volumes to the power of the internet and social media. If it hadn't been for Rebecca's response, this stranger would never have learned a valuable lesson. And it also gave the two women a chance to reconcile. Rebecca has since forgiven the woman who left the note but she has no regrets about speaking out and letting the world know that there are plenty of women veterans out there who deserve just as much respect as their male counterparts.




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