A known fossil site is home to an amazing discovery!

The Messel Pit is an abandoned quarry in Germany that is full of secrets. For paleontologists, this site is a true paradise because of an abundance of fossils. But one recent discovery tops the list of coolest finds ever!

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The fossil, found by employees of the Senckenberg Research Institute, is clearly of a large snake. The animal appears to have died from exposure to an active volcano. But it's what's inside the fossilized snake that makes it so special!

Within the fossil of the snake, they found an iguana skeleton and an insect too! The rarity of this nesting doll of skeletons makes it quite a discovery!

Twitter/News Update

The researchers theorize that the iguana had eaten an insect and was in turn eaten by the snake shortly thereafter. The snake then ventured too close to the erupting volcano, succumbed to the toxic fumes, and slipped into the lake, where it sat, preserved, for millions of years.

A simple chain of events that led to an incredibly exciting find!


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