Mother suffers horribly after becoming victim of malpractice

Warning: This article contains images that some readers may find disturbing.

Quanna Brown from Chicago had only one wish: the 34-year-old simply wanted to feel beautiful again. Since the birth of her children, Quanna has been dealing with the weight she gained during pregnancy that left her feeling completely unattractive. The young mother wanted to do something about it, so she made an appointment for a tummy tuck.

She waited excitedly and finally, in June of 2015, it was time for the surgery. But if she had known the horror that was waiting, she most likely would never have gone to that fateful appointment...

At first, Quanna had a good feeling about the surgeon she had chosen. After all, he had a spotless record and amazing references. However, during the operation something went horribly wrong and either the doctor didn't notice or pretended not to. Quanna went home and didn't notice anything until four days later when she began to suffer severe pain in her abdomen. 

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Quanna can clearly remember the intense pain: "It felt like my bandages were too tight and I couldn't walk. I'd never had surgery before so at first I thought it was normal." But soon Quanna couldn't take the pain any longer and used her last ounce of strength to drag herself to the doctor's office.

Her abdomen now looked horrible, but the doctor simply said that he'd never seen anything like it before and wrote her a prescription for antibiotics to fight the infection. After a few days it was clear that the medication wasn't helping, so Quanna went back to the doctor.

This time, however, she was examined by one of his colleagues who cleaned and restitched the wound before sending her home. The next day, Quanna's condition got so bad that she had to go to the ER.

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Quanna ended up spending 50 days in the hospital. Her abdomen had become so badly infected, that her life was in danger — it took five operations to remove all of the infected tissue. Doctors at the hospital couldn't believe how negligent the cosmetic surgeon had been. If Quanna hadn't gone to the hospital when she did, she would have certainly died.

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Poor Quanna received several skin transplants and continued to suffer extreme pain. Her abdomen was also badly disfigured and would never be the same again. The cosmetic surgery that was meant to give her a new lease on life had done nothing but make things much worse.

She was in anguish — in addition to the physical pain, she was also humiliated by her lack of mobility and the fact that her children had to see her in such a weakened condition.

The young mother couldn't even play with her kids, which left her feeling like her life had been stolen from her. But at the same time, her children gave her strength. She began a course of physiotherapy and was determined to get her life back. You can watch Quanna telling her own story in this video...

It took over a year and a half, but Quanna can now smile again: "The kids keep me going. I can't look at my stomach... but my daughter hugs and kisses me, she makes me feel better." Quanna is not only getting on with her life, she's also starting a new chapter — she's expecting her third child very soon! Little Alexander will be arriving in May and Quanna couldn't be happier. She may not have the body she always dreamed of, but she's accepting the one she has and is focusing on the most important goal in her life: to be a good mother. We wish you all the best with that, Quanna!



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