Dog soaked with glue rescued just in time

It's really quite unbelievable how brutal some people can be. They amuse themselves by torturing and abusing helpless animals and take sick pleasure in watching other creatures suffer. Unfortunately, some children are as bad as adults when it comes to picking on animals. In a remote area of Turkey, a group of children came upon Pascal and abused the little dog horribly. By the time they were done, the poor creature looked like he had been turned to stone.

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The kids covered Pascal with glue and then dragged him through the dirt. When rescuers found the tortured animal, the glue and dirt had hardened so much that not a single hair was left untouched. The coating was as hard as cement and had pinched off important arteries and nerves — Pascal was in excruciating pain. When the animal rights activists saw him, they had to fight back the tears.

Facebook/He'Art of Rescue

But once they had composed themselves, they got to work. They carefully and lovingly washed Pascal in a warm bath, but that wasn't enough to get the glue off. For a while they picked away with a chisel, but that didn't work well either. In the end they had no other choice — Pascal's hair had to be completely shaved off.

Facebook/He'Art of Rescue

The shaving left Pascal looking very strange, but it was a small price to pay for the relief that he must have felt. It was also the first step on the road to a complete recovery.

Facebook/He'Art of Rescue

Pascal proved to be a real fighter and made steady progress with his recovery. After three months, he was hardly recognizable. Who would have thought that such a fine-looking dog was hiding under that glue-soaked fur?

At first the volunteers at the animal shelter were angry, but now that Pascal is doing better, everyone is focusing on the future. They have already found a new home for him and soon he'll be taken to Spain to start a new life with a loving family.

The following video tells Pascal's touching story of suffering and recovery...

It's horrible to think that there are people in this world, even children, who could treat an animal in such a heartless and brutal manner. But it's also good to know that there are people out there who are looking out for these animals and saving them from a horrible fate. Hopefully Pascal and his new family will have a long and happy life together!


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