She brought forth new life in the midst of battling to save her own

Kate Murray of Florida is a photographer with a passion for what she does. Her pictures have preserved wonderful memories for hundreds of people. But this is a special photo that Kate will always cherish.  It's the picture of a woman she had photographed after the woman had given birth to her first child. Halfway through her pregnancy, the woman received the shocking diagnosis that she was suffering from breast cancer and that it was already stage three. One of her breasts was removed and she went through chemotherapy — all while she carrying a baby inside her womb.


After 36 weeks, doctors induced birth so they could continue to treat her cancer, essential for her survival. When the newborn attached himself to Kate’s remaining breast, emotions in the room were palpable.

Kate had the privilege of witnessing and capturing this singular moment. "That is the definition of strength, love, and pure beauty," she wrote on her Facebook page. "This boy has already proven by his birth that he inherited his mother’s strength. This photo breaks my heart and makes it swell at the same time."

A birth is a miracle in itself, one connected with an avalanche of emotions and feelings, it's difficult to imagine its intensity compounded with what this cancer survivor had been and was still going through.

der Faden

This mother and son have shown strength and vitality while combatting this deadly disease. 


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