Woman takes pregnancy photos with over 20,000 honey bees

One of the rising photography trends among married couples is the "pregnancy photo." Usually taken in a serene and peaceful setting, these photos capture expectant parents' joy at having a new addition to the family. Yet many people would describe Emily and Akron Mueller’s images below as anything but "serene and peaceful."

In late August, the couple from Ohio organized a shoot with photographer Kendrah Damis to celebrate the upcoming arrival of their fourth child. However, Emily wanted over 20,000 "little helpers" to be included in the photo shoot. Undeterred, Kendrah deemed it a once in a lifetime experience, so said she'd be willing to take the shots.


Emily's little helpers were 20,000 honey bees!


Honey bees are very special to the Mueller family, as Emily and Akron have been running their Mueller Honey Bee Removal service for a number of years now. In their work, the couple rescue and rehome misplaced bee colonies — effectively saving the important little creatures from deadlier removal methods such as insecticide.

The bees featured in the shoot were recently saved from a park. "They were on a bleacher where people and children sit to watch games and they were unable to use that location due to the bees flying around and scaring people. We were contacted by several people and the park reps also were trying to find someone to come save them," said Emily to The Dodo.

She added, "Our purpose is to save the bees and we take a lot of pride in doing so."

Thanks to their little helpers, the results of the photo shoot look amazing! But beware: the shoot could only be conducted safely because Emily is a professional beekeeper. The bee colony now has a new home and continues to go about its business of pollinating and making honey.

Emily’s pregnancy photos show the trust and love the bees have for her. We wish Emily, Akron and their new arrival all the best for the future!


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