Unusual: Pool house in Singapore

Stephen Fisher, a successful Australian banker, and his wife have been living their dream life, and it's unlike anything else. They've settled into a house they had built in Sentosa Cove in Singapore.


He always wanted a place that would be "representative of the tropical climate," so in 2009 with help from Guz Architects, he built his castle-in-the-sky — or rather, house-in-a-pool!


Originally a fisherman's modest home, this villa now covers nearly 6,000 square yards (or 7,800 including the garden) with no less than 66,000 gallons of water.

Youtube/ Eurospapoolnews

From every room in the house, you can admire the view of the ocean or of the pool, which gives the house a rare aquatic spirit. You feel close to the water all the time.

Youtube/ Eurospapoolnews

Built to be sustainable and environmentally-friendly, the house is made of wood, iron, and glass. With an open form, it's naturally ventilated to combat the hot and humid climate. And Stephen and his family can dive from anywhere on the veranda right into the pool! 


With three bedrooms, three baths, several lounges, and verandas on, above, and below the water, there are many places to indulge in the relaxing atmosphere.

Youtube/ Eurospapoolnews

The curved roof recalls the waves of the ocean, amplifying the idea of a "marine house" and beautifully integrating solar panels. 


The roof is covered with a lovely green lawn to stretch out on and sun yourself. But perhaps the best detail is the living room: it's underwater like a room inside a giant aquarium! Are you speechless yet?


You won't be surprised to learn that this house has been selected as one of the most relaxing homes in the world.

Youtube/ Eurospapoolnews

Enjoy a virtual tour in this video:

This extraordinary creation came at a price — the pool feature alone came to around $2 million. Most of us can't dream quite that big. (Don't you have to wonder what makes bankers so special? We all work hard, right? Sigh!) But the great thing about experimental houses like this is that the creative (expensive) ideas Stephen and Guz Architects came up with are now out there for all of us to be inspired by. Don't be shocked to see sustainable ideas from this watery abode spread into more affordable designs soon! Or... we can dream, anyway!




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