Hero: nine-year-old gives his drowned two-year-old brother CPR!

Nine-year-old Markus from Germany was able to save his little brother's life thanks to his quick thinking. He and his two-year-old brother, Rudolf, were spending a quiet Saturday afternoon at home while their grandmother took care of them. While the grandma was grabbing a clean diaper from the bathroom, the toddler snuck out of the living room and into the garden, where he fell into the pool. When the grandmother came back out, she realized what happened and panicked.

Twitter/Nature Hills Nursery

Since the Russian-born grandmother didn't speak much German, the nine-year-old has to make the 9-1-1 call. Over the phone, the medic explained to Markus how to do CPR. When the ambulance arrived a short time later, they found the two-year-old starting to breathe again, thanks to his big brother. The toddler is now recovering in the hospital, and owes his life to his big brother Markus.

A brave and smart boy!


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