Police cook lunch for kids while mom gets much needed medical help

The standard police motto is "To protect and to serve" and in the Netherlands they take these words quite literally. This Facebook post from a policeman in Eindoven, Netherlands is a perfect example...

"A different side of police-work  

Last week, some colleagues were called to a situation in Woensel-Nord. There, an ambulance had just picked up a woman who had drastically low blood-sugar levels. The woman's condition was stabilized in the ambulance, but her five small children were still in the apartment. Since our colleagues had to wait for the children to be taken into the custody of some relatives, and the kids hadn't eaten, the police officers got to work in front of the stove. The children received bread and fried eggs with some fruit on the side. Then they had to wash up, of course!"

These police officers obviously don't hesitate in an emergency no matter what it may be. They literally "served" the kids some lunch and helped a struggling mom when she needed it most — and they even did the dishes afterwards! Now that's what you call dedication. The post has received over 100,000 likes since it was published and has been shared over 5,000 times. It's a side of police work we don't normally see, but a side we'd like to see more often. Well done, officers!


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