Policer officer discovers nest of baby squirrels in car

After a few days off work, a police officer from Illinois returned to his squad car. But when he noticed that one of his front lights was out, he took the vehicle to a garage. During the service, the mechanic discovered that something had bitten through a cable. This is what he then found inside the wheel well: 

Hidden under a thick pile of leaves, there was a nest of new-born squirrels! The four furless babies had their eyes closed and were closely cuddled up together between the leaves. The mechanic managed to safely remove the sleeping animals from the wheel well and temporarily house them in a box. 

The officer collected the infant intruders and placed them where his car had been parked. Accompanied by his children, the police deputy kept a lookout for the mother returning to the nest. Thankfully, they didn't have to wait long to see mom reunited with her little bundles of joy.

It's not unusual for rodents to build their nests under cars, which can result in chewed up wires and damage to the vehicle. These baby squirrels were lucky to return unscathed from their little trip and find their way back to their mother. 


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