Ping pong show: Weird, exotic entertainment from Southeast Asia

Today, the options are endless when it comes to occupying your free time. If hitting some bars and going dancing is not your idea of relaxing, no one would think twice about you lying on the couch in front of the TV. However, a particular type of entertainment that attracts a largely male clientele has been causing quite the stir — it's known as the ping pong show.

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At certain strip clubs, female performers put on a special kind of sex show. The women at these establishments are usually only dressed in a bikini top or bra, and have their pubic hair shaved.


After inserting various objects into their vaginas, the performers eject them using their pelvic muscles or remove them by hand. The earliest versions of this show used ping pong balls, giving the performance its name.

Performers have since increased the range of items they use to include long pieces of string, whistles, pens, cigarettes, candles, darts, spinning tops, bottles, firecrackers, razor blades, and chopsticks.


Some acts include a section where goldfish are ejected into a bowl; a number of performers insert large frogs into their vaginas to see how long they can keep them inside.

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Audience participation also plays a key role with people from the crowd often invited to remove objects that have been inserted into the performers. However, the most risqué of shows even have the performers pour beer into their vaginas and fill a glass for someone in the audience to drink.

This form of entertainment is most popular in Southeast Asia where the audience is mostly made up of tourists. Though its beginning can be traced back to Laos in the early 1960s, the show has since spread to Europe; similar acts are also found in Amsterdam, for example.


Whatever you think about this type of performance, entertainment can certainly take some very strange forms.




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