Animal protection organization rescues matted dog

Did you know that every year in the U.S., 7.6 million house pets enter into shelters? Even in small towns across the country, it is fairly normal to see stray dogs or cats. It is a heartbreaking reality, but there are organizations working hard to help these animals.

The Quebec Society for the Protection of Animals, an animal protection agency in Canada, found the dog pictured below on the streets. At first, workers could hardly recognize him as an animal, let alone a dog.

His hair was so matted and dirty that he looked much larger than he actually was.


His fur alone made up half of his weight.


His rescuers quickly got to work shaving him.


A sweet, loving dog was waiting underneath. 


At first he was terrified.


The cosmetic treatment was surely something he had never experienced.


But the entire ordeal was worth it.


Afterwards he looked as good as new.


Warm and free from all that weight, this little guy must have had a good night's sleep.

google+/Jessica Souza

It might not be possible to help every stray animal, but every effort makes a difference. Contact your local animal protection society or a shelter in your vicinity if you are interested in volunteering, donating, or adopting. Our animal friends cannot always help themselves; that’s why we must support them.


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