Everything yellow: Car convoy supports bullied 84-year-old

The village of Bibury, set among the green hills of Gloucestershire, dates back to the 17th century and is one of the most beautiful localities in Great Britain. When his wife died 15 years ago, Peter Maddox decided it was time for a change and moved to this idyllic location to start a new life. He never would have expected the greeting he received. Some of the locals were hostile towards him for one very superficial reason: his car. They found Peter's bright yellow automobile to be an eyesore that clashed with the picturesque surroundings. Hostility even turned to outright vandalism when someone smashed all his car windows and scratched the word "Move" into the paint.

The damage was so bad that Peter had to buy a new car. At first he threatened to by a lime green replacement, but in the interest of peace he settled for gray. But when a car collector heard about Peter's story, he was so appalled that he decided to take action. He organized a demonstration to support Peter — and what a demonstration it was! A convoy of bright yellow cars in all shapes and sizes cruising through the village streets.

Hundreds of people showed up with their yellow vehicles and waved to the perplexed onlookers. "We've had everything here from a three-wheeler and a Mini to a Lamborghini super car... I've never seen so many yellow colored cars in one place," one participant said. Peter watched the spectacle from his kitchen window and was absolutely blown away by the show of support from complete strangers.

The participants also gave Peter a very special present: a banana-yellow miniature car for his living room cabinet. It will serve as a wonderful souvenir of that very special day. What a great idea!


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