Emaciated dog suffering on the streets is rescued by two angels

Many dogs live a hard life on the streets of Peru. Such was the case for this miserable pup that two women, Joicy and Bianca, found on the side of the road in the town of Iquitos. The dog was starved and covered in wounds — it broke their hearts. They could tell that the animal was on its last paws and thus, made a decision that would have remarkable consequences. The following video documents their story:

These "angels" saved Ojito from the streets; they bathed him, fed him and cared for him. The little guy is barely recognizable today and can hardly contain himself whenever his rescuers come to visit. He's still looking for a forever home, but judging by how sweet he is, that shouldn't take any time at all. Ojito was lucky enough to get a happy ending to his story, but unfortunately that isn't always the case for every animal living on the streets. Thankfully there are people like Joicy and Bianca out there who are willing to help suffering animals lead more nourished lives.


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