Woman lied to boyfriend about being pregnant with quintuplets

One of the biggest disappointments a person can experience is losing a child before it is born. After months of anticipation and having made all the adjustments for your new life as a parent, it's hard to recover from such devastating news.

However, the parents in this story didn't lose their children to a miscarriage or any other complication. Instead, the truth is much more sinister and unsettling...

Canadian Paul Servat, 35, got to know Barbara Bienvenue, 37, on the internet last summer. They quickly began a romantic relationship that was soon to become so much more — Barbara announced that she was pregnant only two months after they had first started dating.

Though this was very early in the relationship, Paul was excited at the prospect of becoming a father. Over the coming weeks, Barbara had even more news for him that became increasingly astonishing. At first, she told him they were expecting twins, then triplets, then quadruplets, before finally saying that she was due to give birth to five babies.

When Paul's circle of family and friends heard about the incredible news, they rallied behind him and lent their support. His loved ones helped by buying and donating everything he needed to take care of such a large family.

By the 34th week of pregnancy, the time had come: Paul took Barbara to Montreal's Sainte-Justine Hospital for the birth. However, doctors made a shocking revelation after examining her — she wasn't pregnant and never had been!

The hospital also had no record of the visits Barbara had allegedly at each stage of the pregnancy. It appears as though Barbara lied about everything, including the number of babies she was going to be giving birth to. 

"She let me choose the names," said Paul. "My parents were so looking forward to having grandchildren. I have lost my whole life." Paul soon ended the relationship after finding out the truth. In retrospect, the 35-year-old and his family admitted that they'd had some suspicions: when women are pregnant with more than one baby, they usually have to give birth at an earlier stage; Barbara's stomach, though larger, was not the typical size for someone expecting quintuplets.

At first, doctors thought it was a pseudocyesis, which is more commonly known as a false or phantom pregnancy. The symptoms of a pseudocyesis are similar to those of a real pregnancy with women experiencing dizziness and swelling. As this is a special case, Barbara is now undergoing psychological analysis to determine whether this whole incident was preventable or not. According to one of Paul's brothers, she had a similar episode back in 2010.

Meanwhile, Paul is slowly coming to terms with the whole sorry incident. "I'll return all these things to the people who sent them or gave them away," said Paul. "I'm a good person and I have nothing to do with these lies."

What a crushing disappointment for Paul. Imagine waiting to have five children one day, then discovering that everything was a cruel lie the next. We hope that both of them will be able to recover from this sad incident and find happiness in the future.


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