This hyperrealistic art takes detail drawing to the extreme

Visual artist Paul Cadden has raised hyper-realistic drawing to a completely new level. How he manages to capture such incredible details with only pencil and canvas, creating high-resolution-photo-like sharpness is truly unparalleled. He works meticulously on each of his works for three to six weeks. His fan community is growing constantly and the prince of an original is up to $8,000. But these pictures are worth every cent!

Here is the artist at work.

Paul Cadden specializes in human portraits.

How he manages to capture light and shadow with only a pencil...

... is more than breathtaking.

In this example he takes on a subject from nature. The results speak for themselves.

The heart of Paul's work is to portray people in their every day surroundings.

His special strength is highlighting the individual beauty of each person.

Sometimes his works are mixed up anatomical studies.

But mostly, they're people.

Paul's art is truly mesmerizing. How amazing would it be to see a high speed video of him creating one of these enormous works!

It's easy for the brain to be fooled into thinking these are photographs, but they are all handmade drawings. One has to see the artist at work to really believe it!


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