Doctor saves baby that had enveloped its own twin brother

WARNING: This article contains pictures that some readers may find upsetting.

The moment a mother sees her newborn child for the first time is eagerly anticipated and is usually a wonderful time, full of happiness.

But instead of the expected moment of joy, Kuli Bai from Pindwara in India was unfortunately about to receive a massive shock. Her newborn son arrived in to the world with an extreme case of fetal inclusion.

Fetal inclusion is very rare, but when it occurs, two or more fetuses develop in the womb and one of them grows around one or the other. In many cases, the ingrowing fetus is concealed and not directly recognizable. But sometimes, the body parts of the enveloped twin are visible.

Kuli's son had been affected particularly badly. The small boy, who for the time remained nameless, was born with four legs, three hands and two penises.

Kuli's family were so shocked, that they planned something terrible: they were going to throw the little boy in the river to drown. Very religious, and having grown up with many prejudices, they could only see the small baby as an evil omen and a devil child.

But before it came to that, the news of this particular baby's birth had spread far enough that the doctor Bharat Pal Danda from the Matra-Chhaya Hospital had heard about it.

He immediately sent an ambulance to Pindwara to pick up the mother and child and safely bring them to hospital. The baby's health was already critical and without surgical intervention, he would not survive.

Bharat Pal Danda brought them both to a better-equipped hospital and worked without payment: He gave the little boy the treatment he needed in order for him to have freedom of mobility. In a risky and hours-long operation, he removed the twin's limbs.

The complex procedure was a success. The boy survived the operation well and is now recovering under the care of his doctors. He has the opportunity to live a long life.

It's good that the news of his birth spread so quickly — it meant that a terrible crime was prevented and the life of a small child was saved.


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