Woman performs first-aid on her nephew in the middle of traffic!

Pamela Rauseo from Florida was in the car with her five-month-old nephew, Sebastian. The baby had a cold and had been crying the whole time. But when little Sebastian suddenly got very quiet, his aunt knew that something was very wrong. "That was a red flag for me, because the car was at a standstill, and he’d had a little bit of a cold, and I knew that he was congested, so I got really worried," remembers Pamela. Realizing that she had to act quickly, Pamela pulled over to the side of the road, got out of the car and went back to check on Sebastian in the backseat. And her instincts proved right — the baby was unconscious and he wasn't breathing. "I got no response, so I took him out of his car seat, and he was completely limp and turning purple. I tried to call 911, but I was just so nervous, my hands wouldn’t function," explained Pamela.


Pamela began screaming for help on the very busy road and then started performing first-aid on Sebastian. Help soon arrived and she was joined by several other drivers including a police officer. They took turns performing CPR on Sebastian until finally he was able to breathe again on his own.

Everyone is relieved now that Sebastian has fully recovered from his near-death experience and doctors are trying to determine the cause of his respiratory failure. Thank goodness the little guy has an aunt like Pamela who was able to react quickly and save his life.


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