14 situations only people with pale skin understand

In the past, pale skin was considered noble and a sign of wealth. Unlike farmers, for example, the aristocracy didn't have to work in the fields and were protected from the sun's tanning rays. Nowadays, a lighter shade of skin has a lot less to do with social status. In the meantime, the opposite has become the ideal of beauty.

For people with very pale skin, however, it's almost impossible to achieve a naturally bronzed look — too long sunbathing usually leaves them with painful sunburn as a punishment. The following situations will be recognizable to anyone with pale "noble" skin.

1. "Whenever I try to take a selfie, I disappear in the flash."


2. "I'm thinking about mixing chalk with my foundation to get the right shade."


3. "Irish girl sunbathing. No, I mean the woman behind her."


4. "I'd love to wear a big hat like this every day, if it didn't look so weird."

5. But at least you save money on pantyhose right?

6. "People keep mistaking me for a ghost."

7. And no, the red does not fade to brown.

8. "Damn sunglasses. Lying to me again."

9. "I already look dead, so why bother trying?"

10. "Oh gosh, is everything ok? You're so pale." — "Yeah, this is just my normal skin color."

11. "Darn it computer, I AM a real girl."

12. "When people don't believe that this is what my skin looks like tanned."

13. "When people get scared of my white belly..."

14. "Corpse... or vampire. Take your pick."

Our fellow travelers with pale skin don't always have it easy. They often have to put up with comments from others. But, most people with fair skin at least seem able to laugh at themselves. Perhaps having a "noble" complexion isn't always so bad.




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