Freedom: Hedgehog liberated from prison of dried mud

The veterinarians at Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital in Sidlesham, England, have already seen all kinds of things. But the appearance of this little guy was a true novelty.

In the neighboring city of Chichester, a hedgehog had had a nasty run-in with a curious young dog. When the dog came too close, the spiky hedgehog rolled into his reliable, defensive ball. But that didn't stop the playful pup from prodding him through several very muddy puddles.  

When the time had come for the hedgehog to unroll himself, the mud he was now covered with had dried and he was completely stuck. 

"He was barely recognizable when he came in but we could see he was just about breathing (goodness knows how). He was hissing a lot and getting generally agitated," hospital staff reported on Facebook.

Volunteers carefully removed the dried clay from the furious animal's spikes.

Then they left him alone for a while so he could relax and calm down before they removed the rest of the dirt.

"He is now bedded down quietly after his ordeal (both from the dog and from us cleaning him) with a nice big bowl of food," his rescuers later added.

They'll soon release him back into the wild. 

What an adventure for such a small creature! It's a good thing he's a tough little guy...


The Dodo, Facebook


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